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We at Shoreline Properties are extremely proud of the manner in which we have grown our company. In the relatively short period of ten years, we have established an excellent name for ourselves on the Mendocino coast.

      Our philosophy is simple: Surround yourself with people who are "be-withable". We believe we have attained that goal. The result is that we now boast an office environment which is by and large a pleasant place to work. It fosters goodwill, a desire to work together and a setting in which all the members of the team are willing to go to bat for one another if and when the situation presents itself.

      Located between Mendocino and Fort Bragg, our highway frontage location is ideal from the standpoints of drive-by visibility and desirability for buyers and sellers to buy and sell from a central location that does not exclude one area for another.

      For years we have understood the importance of publicity, advertising and the value effective marketing has on perceived and real success. To that end, we have endeavored to make sure Shoreline gets the biggest bang for its advertising dollar. For a number of years, we far exceeded what we knew to be the average percentage of income that is supposed to be spent on advertising. However, to have a successful business, we knew keeping our name in periodicals such as Sunset magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner was worth the price.

      We are now an established firm. We have been able to considerably scale back some of the most expensive advertising vehicles since the advent of the Internet. We now have the largest web site on our local Internet Service Provider, MCN. We believe we have yet to see the full potential. As bandwidth increases and we are able to perform such feats as faster photo downloads and multi-media presentations of homes. We believe the web will become the main source of unsolicited business for us.

      As the business has grown precipitously over the past year, we have arranged for a concurrent growth in the technology that helps our agents their jobs most effectively.

      So, with a well-managed company in an outstanding location with a solid infrastructure and friendly staff, we believe we have all the ingredients in place to say we possess what it takes to be the leading Real Estate / property management company.