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A Guide to Costa Blanca

Surprise, surprise, It’s much more than just Benidorm
which granted is fantastic too.

The Costa Blanca has two main Airports. Both the Alicante Airport and Corvera International airports have regular flights from the UK and come cheap with most airlines which makes it very ideal for going back to the UK to see family or having visitors.

Costa Blanca is well renowned for it’s weather and it’s beautiful Mediterranean coastline which of course is one of the main reasons to live in the Costa Blanca.
Costa Blanca has some of the finest beaches in Spain. The sand ranges from a fine golden to a white colour and most of the beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag.

A lot of the Costa Blanca is very English, you will find bars & restaurants everywhere you go making it a fine place to live however Spain doesn’t let go of it’s culture. When it comes to fiestas and festivals, there are so many on the Costa Blanca and in the region of Valencia, you are bound to see one wherever you are, whatever time of year. As with the rest of Spain, one of the most important events is the Semana Santa or Easter Week. These deeply religious celebrations are somewhat overwhelming.

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